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Psychosocial health encompasses the mental, emotional, social, physical and spiritual dimensions of what it means to be healthy. Auxilium Health started with a simple idea of helping people to realise that having a good mental health is the essential core of one’s being. Over the years, Auxilium Health has grown into a strengthened, diverse, driving force that facilitates mental health care, wellness programmes, growth, transformation and development. We provide psychosocial wellness services to address emotional, environmental, behavioural, personal, situational, and developmental distress through a comprehensive holistic, inclusive and multicultural approach. Our services are facilitated to individuals, couples, groups and families. Our goal is to implement holistic primary health care management and preventive systems and approaches that work to combat psychological impairment or distress through the provision of personalised care for the improvement of wellbeing and development of individuals and community members..


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What our clients are saying....

No one should deal with their issues alone. Your psychosocial support programme made me feel a part of a family. I got the help I needed to change my life for the better. Your counsellors were very caring and accommodative of me and i am grateful I can tell others about your services.

Willard F. Roodepoort

It was a life changing experience for me. My life was falling apart and I had no one supporting me at all. You changed my life and I've seem myself grow and become better. Thankyou for the support you provided me.

Justine O. Durban

Excellent service offered by Auxilium Health Clinic. The Specialists are very well knowledgeable in their field of mental health and are very professional. I had depression but after the therapy sessions, i have personal control. Its been 5 months since my last session and i am doing great! Thanks Specialist!

Apiwe M. Johannesburg

Thankyou for the professional service. I felt like i was heard and understood at your practice. Your youth programme changed my life and i have been able to achieve most of my goals so far. Cheers to your team!

Mariana Z. East London